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Celebrate the Unforgettable Bond Between You and Your Pet

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    Pick your favorite photo of your pet and upload it to your order so our artists can begin. Read image guidelines here

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good photo?

1.) Close up time! Be sure your pet's photo is taken in a well lit area. Ideally without a filter and in natural lighting.

2.) Close up and head on, showing as much of the ears, head, neck, and chest as possible. This will allow us to get a good crop of your pets face.

3.) Avoid overhead, overly filtered or blurry photos. We are typically unable to illustrate photos of your pet lying down.

Review our Image Guidelines for more information.

Can I have more than one pet in my portrait?

Sure, you can have upto 2 Pets in one portrait.

What animals do you illustrate?

Yes! We create portraits for unique pets around the world. From cute bunnies to pet birds. Odds are, if it's an animal, we will create a portrait for you. Please note: at this time we do not create portraits of humans (no matter how cute you are!).

What if I need to make a change to my order?

Yes! We are happy to help with changes to your pet portrait order as long as you reach out to within 30 minutes of your order being placed. After 30 minutes most changes, including address updates, can no longer be made. Please note, in some cases, changes to orders may result in shipping delays.